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Rain, hail and snow. Wind, storms and hurricanes. Salt spray from the sea and ammonia from agriculture. Blistering heat and the bitter cold. A solar panel has to withstand a great deal and still deliver reliable high performance.

Most of the time you will not see problems developing in poorly constructed panels, but over time cheap panels will perform significantly worse than those made properly. With intelligent design and the best quality materials, WINAICO’s modules ensure reliability and top performance that lasts.

The Glass

The glass pane forms the closed front face of a solar panel, protecting the internal components.

The glass must be resistant to impacts and scratching and allow as much light as possible to maximise power generation.

WINAICO only uses highly transmissive glass for its modules, ensuring low light absorption through ensuring our glass has a low iron content, and an anti-reflective coating.

The glass used by WINAICO is extensively tested to resist mechanical loads and temperature changes.

The Frame

The frame holds the panel together. It protects the internal components and is takes the stress of mechanical loads. It is the fixing point to attach the panel to the mounting structure.

The unique frame on WINAICO’s panels uses the extruded aluminium design, guarantees maximum stability and protection against material fatigue.

In contrast to other corner connections that use L-keys, WINAICO's corner pieces guarantee the best possible transfer of tension across each section of the frame.

Our external corner pieces are also designed with drainage channels, avoiding water and dust accumulation, which over time can cause cell shading, power degradation and hotspot problems.

The EVA Film

EVA films (ethylene vinyl acetate) are used in a lamination process to “encapsulate” the internal components of a solar panel.

The degree of cross-linking within the EVA film is a decisive indicator of its quality.

EVA film must guarantee protection throughout the entire service life of the panel.

Low-quality films may discolour, delaminate or otherwise degrade. WINAICO only uses quality films with a cross-linking of at least 85%, thereby ensuring permanent protection of the cells.

Solar Cells

The solar cell is what converts sunlight into electricity.

The characteristics of a solar module are determined by the quality of the cells.

WINAICO only uses highly efficient cells with the lowest possible variance in the manufacturing process, both in their electrical output and consistency of colour.

WINAICO is very careful with its choice of cells and reject any that do not meet our high standards.

The Backsheet

The backsheet is the physical barrier that protects the solar cells, wiring and other sensitive components.

It provides electrical insulation and reducing the operating temperature of the solar cells.

WINAICO uses high-quality PET films which has an excellent weather resistance function.

Today, the high-quality PET films have proven themselves capable of providing reliable protection to photovoltaic modules throughout their entire service life, spanning over 25 years.

Junction Box

The Junction Box houses the panel’s electrical components.

It contains diodes that protect the module against issues caused when the panels are partially shaded.

WINAICO’s Junction Boxes are rated at the protection class IP67, so provides optimum protection against moisture, dirt and UV radiation.

You can be confident that nothing is getting into a WINAICO Junction Box.

Insulation Tape

The adhesive tape creates an electrically insulating barrier and seals the panel from moisture. In contrast to silicon seals, the adhesive tapes are extremely resistant to heat or UV light, as well as chemical attacks, e.g. from ammonia.

The adhesive sealing tape selected by WINAICO provides excellent protection against dirt and moisture, is highly UV resistant, provides particular protection against high and low temperatures. It reacts to and balances any expansion of the materials connected with each other (glass, aluminium) strain-free. The result is more resistant and durable adhesion.


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