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“The end customer deserves our product. That is the main reason why we are committed to our work. The lack of transparency in the market means that many end customers receive products that they do not know well enough – they deserve something better, ”said managing director Sascha Roßmann 8 years ago – a statement that still holds up today. The importance of high-quality components and their influence on the longevity of a solar module is still the core of WINAICO’s product understanding.

All solar modules are manufactured in the TÜV-tested production facility in Taiwan. This makes it possible to optimally monitor all production steps, to control the flow of goods in each solar module and thus to guarantee first-class quality.

WINAICO grants a product guarantee of up to 25 years and an above-average linear performance guarantee with a guaranteed performance of at least 85.28% at the end of the 25th year. In addition, all WINAICO solar modules are tested beyond international standards and are, for example, certified by hailstones, salt fog, ammonia, PID and LeTID.

In addition to the quality, the reliable availability of the products is an important concern of WINAICO. With currently 2 module variants, each in a single power class, WINAICO has a focussed portfolio that enables customers to continuously plan their products.
The new module series WINAICO WST-MGL GEMINI is equipped with 9 busbars, consists of 120 monocrystalline half-cells and is only 1,767 mm high and 1,050 mm wide.
The GEMINI series is available as a full black version with 370 W and 19.9% ​​efficiency or with a white backsheet, 375 W and an efficiency of 20.2%.
All modules are available from stock and are delivered to customers or directly to the construction site via shipping partners.

WINAICO’s clear target group are installation companies. Both the portfolio and the sales strategy are geared towards this.
Personal contact with customers and partner companies plays a major role at WINAICO. Only through personal contact can sales arguments be conveyed in a targeted manner, quantities planned sustainably and challenges solved together. WINAICO’s customers are mainly installation companies and solar specialists with a sales focus in the system segment from 10 – 750 kWp. The activities are supported by selected wholesalers with strong positions in their installers, extensive support and a full range of PV products.
The satisfaction of its customers was recently confirmed to WINAICO: every year the market research company EUPD Research conducts surveys among installers and creates an independent assessment of the perception of many brands. For the third time, WINAICO has received the “Top Brand PV” award in the module category.

The original article is featured at Solarserver.

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