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We appreciate your ongoing interest in our products. In order to support the expansion of your PV business. WINAICO is devoted to provide solar modules of the highest caliber and performance. Instructions for unpacking our upright packaging solution for solar modules are provided in this web page

Our vertical packaging solution ensures safe transportation and easy handling of the solar modules. By following the provided instructions, you can efficiently unpack and set up the modules for installation, allowing you to quickly start benefiting from their exceptional quality and efficiency. 

Assembly Instruction of Anti-tipping Bracket for Unpacking the NGT-D4 module




Supporting rack A


 Supporting rack B


Connecting rods, 3 pcs


Place part①(base) flat on the ground, and insert part②(supporting rack A) into any slot of the base per actual situation, then use the first part④(connecting rod) to connect part① and part② and tighten the nuts to fix part④;

Step 2

Place part③(supporting rack B) in the position shown in the following figure, then use the second part④ to connect part① and part③, and tighten the nuts to fix the second part④;

Step 3

Connect part③ and part② with the third part④ and tighten the nuts.

Unpacking Instrunctions

Unload every pallet and place it horizontally and steadily.

Cut off all the outer package straps.

Tear off the carton box along the broken line and take off the upper cover of the carton.

Clear away the carton box teared off previously and take out the anti-tipping bracket used for the following unpacking steps (see the instruction of how to assemble anti-tipping bracket).

Insert the anti-tipping bracket into the bottom of wooden pallet from the direction of back side of the modules.

Make sure the bottom of anti-tipping bracket stretch out of and buckled on the wooden pallet.

Cut off all the inner package straps, except one vertical strap on the random side; meanwhile, let the modules lean to the anti-tipping bracket gradually.

Cut off the last vertical strap and completely lean the modules against the anti-tipping bracket.


Clear away all straps cut off previously and take out the modules one by one with caution.


It is the responsibility of the receiver to confirm the condition of the delivery is acceptable at the time of Delivery/Collection. In the rare occurrences that damage has occurred during transportation it is critical to collect as much information as possible for quality assurance purposes.

In the event of transport damage

  1. Have the delivery agent confirm the damage on the Proof of Delivery document.
  2. Notieren Sie sich den Namen des Fahrers, der Spedition und das Kennzeichen des Fahrzeugs.
  3. Fotografieren Sie den Schaden.
  4. Send photos of the damage, a copy of the POD noting the damage and the details of the delivery service to


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