Sustainable management and environmental protection
are at the core of WINAICO’s operating principles.

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Sustainability and renewable resources are not only key to the products that WINAICO makes, they are the basis around which WINAICO operates. We believe that environmental protection, along with protecting occupational health and safety are key to building a sustainable business foundation and retaining valuable human resources. The WINAICO brand has become an international recognized trademark with a strong reputation for solar panel manufacturer in Taiwan. WINAICO has installed over 830MW over 25 countries, and this number is increased every year. Indeed, from 2017 and 2018, the PV module production capacity was increased 21%. The WINAICO globally PV solar installed capacity has been offset over 605,900 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

Energy Consumption

WINAICO understand that energy consumption is a key factor in determining the environmental impact of our operations, and overuse will contribute to increasing the risks of climate change. We have successfully reduced our energy and water usage and waste production by improved and optimized operation processes,  increasing unit productivity per workstation and per hour to reduce energy consumption relatively. WINAICO uses data analysis to identify key areas for improvement. 

In order to optimize our manufacturing capabilities to be cleaner and more efficient, we track our annual energy and water usage look for ways to improve our sustainability.

Waste Management

Our main operation offices and production sites have extensive waste recycling processes. WINAICO is continuously developing and monitoring our industrial waste management practices.  WINAICO’s waste recycling processes follow the mantra of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.


WINAICO completes online reporting of monthly waste figures by categories to the local EPA. All of our waste is consigned to the qualified waste management companies who are subject to government regulations for waste treatment.


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