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With the 2020 edition of Energy Taiwan coming to a close, here are some of the WINAICO highlights from Energy Taiwan that you may have missed.

WINAICO Awarded With Taiwan Excellent PV

Energy Taiwan’s opening ceremony saw Taiwan’s President, Ms Tsai Ing-wen, present the Taiwan Excellent PV award to WINAICO’s president and CEO, Mr Davis Chen, to honour WINAICO’s WSP-335M6 as the top solar module in Taiwan.

taiwan president with winaico ceo
Taiwan’s President, Tsai Ing-wen, left, presented WINAICO’s CEO, Davis Chen, with Taiwan Excellent PV.

Taiwan Excellent PV is an award run by Bureau of Energy that honours the best solar module products from Taiwan each year.

The panel of judges looks for both high performance and high reliability as an indication of market-leading quality in solar modules, including some of the toughest reliability tests available.

  • Thermal Cycling 600 cycles – this is three times the IEC standard Thermal Cycling test that cycles temperature from -40°C to +85°C to simulate the effects of harsh weather on solar modules.
  • Damp Heat 3000 hours – three times the IEC standard Damp Heat test that uses +85°C and 85% relative humidity to put solar modules under pressure from condensation.
  • Extreme PID – 300 hours at ±1000 V, 85°C and 85% relative humidity is more than three times the length undertaken by the market standard to make sure modules do not degrade when installed in long strings.
  • Dynamic Mechanical Load of 2000 Pa – a test to simulate the stress of level 13 strong wind on a solar module.
presenting taiwan excellent pv
Taiwan Excellent PV winner, WSP-M6, on display at Energy Taiwan.

The Taiwan Excellent PV award is proof that WINAICO’s products excel in both performance and quality, and continue to exceed expectations when installed in the field.

GEMINI Product Series Is Designed for High Performance

GEMINI module series made the first appearance during Energy Taiwan to demonstrate the evolution of solar modules.

By introducing 9 busbars in half-cell format, GEMINI product series can reduce conduction losses within the module, resulting in lower operating temperature and higher output efficiency.

winaico gemini show girls
The GEMINI solar module was popular among the visitors.

GEMINI solar modules are the first 60 cell format to implement M6 solar cells from Taiwan and will begin shipping worldwide in January 2021.

A Sneak Peek Into Next-Generation High-Density Solar Module Technology

As next-generation solar cells, such as M10 and M12 formats, become larger, we want to fit them into our modules without making significant changes to module dimensions.

So we are developing high-density module technologies that eliminate gaps between solar cells and make more efficient use of the solar module area to generate power.

We anticipate the next generation of high-density modules will exceed 21% in module efficiency.

winaico 0mm technology
0 mm high-density solar module technology that can boost module efficiency beyond 21%.

Next-Generation Drone Inspection Technology Honoured With PV Award

With recent advances in drone and thermal imaging technologies, WINAICO is working with local drone engineering specialists in creating a precision inspection tool that can efficiently help solar system operators troubleshoot installation defects.

winaico solar drone inspection
WINAICO’s research into drone thermal imaging of solar module defects was popular during Energy Taiwan.

WINAICO is combining our knowledge in solar module defect analysis with thermal imaging on a drone to improve the accuracy of solar system inspections.

pv award taiwan president
WINAICO’s RD Director, CL Wang, received the PV Award from the President.

Our technology was rewarded with the PV Award during Energy Taiwan’s opening ceremony as proof of our leadership in solar inspection technologies.

To learn more about how WINAICO solar technologies can help with your rooftop energy production, please get in touch with us.

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