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Since WINAICO is a trusted brand, by purchasing WINAICO panels, you also receive basic insurance coverage. The policy covers all components of a stationary installed photovoltaic power plant operated as a commercial venture (feeding into the public electricity grid). It includes power supply and meters, DC and AC cables, the mounting system, solar modules, inverters, and instrumentation and control components.

If you are in Europe you can register your policy below. If you are outside Europe please contact the WINAICO office in your country for the details of the registration process.

To activate your insurance protection after the commissioning of your PV system, please go to www.willis-online.de and enter your data.

The contract number depends on the size of the system and is for all system operators with WINAICO modules:

  • for systems up to 15 kWp: 320908.
  • for systems larger than 15 kWp: 431172.

Insured are: Newly acquired photovoltaic systems with WINAICO Deutschland GmbH with a value of up to 10 million euros.

In addition, there is now a contract for customers who would like to extend their insurance cover beyond 10 years, i.e. for a further 5 years. Interested customers can contact Gaede & Glauerdt directly for an appropriate renewal offer: photovoltaik(at)gaedeglauerdt(dot)de. Please note that you should contact Gaede & Glauerdt before the 10-year insurance expires to ensure uninterrupted coverage.

The excess per claim is 250,00 €.

For more details please refer to the specific insurance policies.

1. All Risk Insurance

The policy covers all unforeseen loss due to damage or destruction of the insured assets. Specifically, the cover is provided against:

  • Fire, lightning strike, explosion, heat damage due to smouldering, glimmering, scorching or glowing, or implosion
  • Natural events such as storms, lightning, hail, snow load, frost
  • Electrical short‐circuit, voltage surge, induction
  • Water, damp, flooding
  • Robbery, burglary, sabotage, vandalism
  • Operator control error, accidental damage, negligence
  • Material, design and execution faults
  • Force majeure
  • Animal bite (such as by rodents)

2. Insurance Against Interruption of Service

Loss of income from grid supply fees will also be reimbursed if the technical operability of the photovoltaic plant is interrupted or impaired by damage or loss.

3. Insurance Against Reduced Yield

If the annual yield of the insured photovoltaic plant falls short of its forecast (determined on the basis of a qualified yield assessment) by more than 10 %, the insurer will reimburse the shortfall. Reasons for specific plants to suffer reduced yield include:

  • Global irradiation less than the forecast (expert assessment)
  • Defects in the plant (material faults)
  • Unusual wear and tear or soiling of the plant or its components
  • Internal malfunction of modules and electronic components (inverters)
  • Grid disconnects by the Power Utility
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