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Why Choose WINAICO for Commercial Solar

WINAICO vs Other brands
High efficiency solar panels to maximise the power potential of your site
High system voltage for better string sizing
Proven to work in the harshest of environment through reliability testing
PID-free design to make sure our solar panels perform in long strings
Stringent mechanical loading tested to survive strong winds and heavy snow
Industry-leading 25-year product warranty to ensure long term performance

When German Engineering Meets Taiwanese Automation

We combine German engineering with precision semiconductor manufacturing to create the best solar panels on the market.


High Efficiency WST-MGX GEMINI Solar Panels

The WST-MGX, GEMINI series, the first M10 high-efficiency solar module. The M10 wafers have a greater effective area than M6 wafers for better power density. The 10 BB, half cell design combines with reflective wires to reduce internal resistance and maximise efficiency. The added benefits include lower temperature coefficients, higher energy yield and lower module degradation over time. MGX series also come in 54 cell and 54 cell full black designs with standardised widths for more consistent design across different applications. MGX series are the lowest LCOE solar technology for large and small rooftop applications.

WINAICO's Proven Quality

We work with reliability and certification experts to simulate the harshest weather and environmental stresses solar panels can experience. We test our solar panels to the extreme to make sure our customers' PV installations can perform consistently for a long time. Thus bringing you the best return for your solar investment.

Happy Customers All Around the World

As one of the oldest solar brands, WINAICO has a history of happy customers and reliable installations around the world. Here is a collection of WINAICO installations from across the globe, proving that solar is not only great for the planet but is also quite beautiful.


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