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A solar installation is a large upfront investment, and choosing the right quality components can reduce the maintenance problems and set your installation up for success.

Here are 9 expert tips in choosing quality and high-performing solar panels to help you save energy bills for 25 years.

Choose a Reputable Solar Panel Manufacturer With Local Support

Do you believe it when a solar panel brand tells you to trust them?

It helps when there is proof of their credibility right?

EUPD Research provides an independent assessment of a solar brand’s impact and credibility in specific regions and award best-in-class companies with the Top Brand Award.

WINAICO has consistently received the Top Brand Award in Australia, Germany and Poland, which highlights WINAICO as the best solar manufacturers in the eyes of installers and end customers from those regions.

eupd seal 2021 europe top brand pv
WINAICO received Top Brand PV award from EUPD as a mark of quality.

WINAICO’s dedication to establishing a local presence in key markets around the world means we are present and responsive when dealing with customer requests.

By choosing WINAICO, you can be sure no customer questions will be left unanswered.

Choose High-Efficiency Solar Panels to Maximise Energy Production on Your Roof

Rooftops solar installations are popular because they become an extension to your existing building while keeping the building cool during hot, sunny days.

But a drawback of the rooftop application is the limited space available to install solar panels.

So it is a good idea to maximise the energy production on your roof by using the latest high-efficiency solar technologies.

This way, you can pack the most solar energy output and expect greater power bill savings for the 25-year investment.

Choose Solar Panels Designed for Easy Maintenance

Since solar panels are installed on the roof, it’s usually very difficult, and sometimes dangerous, to clean the solar panels regularly and effectively.

If the panels are installed at a low angle, dirt would gradually build up around the edges where rainwater tends to settle.

solar panel dust build up
Dust tends to build up at the edge of the module frame after rain.

WINAICO’s solar panels contain specially designed water drainage grooves to help rainwater flow off the panels, taking the dirt away with it.

l key wsp winaico water drainage
WINAICO uses unique L-key frame construction with water drainage function.

This way, you can spend less time worrying about the low performance of dirty panels and enjoy more solar energy generation.

Choose Solar Panels With High System Voltage for Better System Efficiency

Do you know there are energy losses through the system wiring?

When choosing solar modules for large commercial solar installations, it is more efficient to choose modules with higher system voltage, with 1000 V or higher.

white roof solar installation
High system voltage in commercial solar can reduce conduction losses in wiring.

For the same size of solar output, the design with higher system voltage would have lower conduction losses in the wiring, due to lower system current.

So choosing solar modules that can be connected in long strings to a higher system voltage can reduce losses in the wires, and make your system more efficient.

Choose Solar Panels Resistant to PID

Since you want to install a higher system voltage for commercial rooftops, the high system voltage can degrade poor quality solar panels through the PID phenomenon.

PID happens when the high potential difference, between solar cells and the grounded aluminium frame, begin to degrade the solar cells due to unwanted charge carrier movements.

WINAICO’s solar modules are tested at 1000 V in 85°C, 85% humidity conditions and exhibit less than 5% power degradation as proof of anti-PID.

This means WINAICO solar panels can be connected in long strings without being damaged by the high voltage, making your solar installation produce more energy for longer.

Choose the Best Product Warranty to Make Sure Your Solar Installation Works for a Long Time

If solar panels are expected to operate for 25 years, then we should expect solar panel product warranties to be more than the market standard 15 years of warranty.

WINAICO provides the market-best, 25-year product warranty, and also provide an industry-leading linear power guarantee.

25 year linear performance guarantee
WINAICO has superior linear performance guarantee to make sure you enjoy long term stable returns.

WINAICO’s latest GEMINI series guarantees at least 98% of nominal power during the first year, and no more than 0.53% degradation per year from year 2 to year 25.

So you can expect your solar panels to operate at more than 85.28% of the original output after 25 years.

Choose Solar Panels Designed to Withstand Bad Weather

While a solar installation needs to operate for 25 years, the impact of bad weather on the models can increase by more than 20 fold.

A good way to simulate the adverse effects of bad weather is by applying external pressure to the solar panels.

DML and ML tests are used to simulate strong wind and heavy snow’s damage to solar panels.

Hailstone impact can also simulate the stress of 35 mm hail storms falling on your rooftop solar.

WINAICO’s solar panels have been tested to pass all these mechanical stress tests with flying colour.

So you can sleep well during heavy storms knowing your panels can survive the worst weather elements.

Choose Solar Panels Proven to Withstand the Harshest Environment

Do you know salt from the sea has a corrosive effect on solar panels?

Do you know the high ammonia concentration around farms is also very harmful to the long term operation of solar modules?

WINAICO’s solar panels go through voluntary reliability tests to make sure our panels can withstand a high concentration of salt and ammonia vapour.

This way you don’t have to worry about the lifetime of your solar installations around coastal and agricultural areas.

Choose Stringent Quality Control in Solar Cell Colours

Do you know not all solar cells have identical colour?

When it comes to installing rooftop solar for your home, aesthetics is almost as important as performance.

Uneven colour in solar panels makes for a really ugly roof, which can be especially embarrassing for a road-facing roof.

uneven solar cell solar panel colour
Uneven solar cell colours can result in disappointing full black installations.

So it is important to choose full black solar panels that have gone through the highest level of quality inspections, to make sure every solar cell colour is even and stylish.

To learn more about how WINAICO solar technologies can help with your rooftop energy production, please get in touch with us.

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